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Cantabile is EMF's Outreach program. Together with our local church St. Antonius, Cantabile will provide free music to those that are participating in Caritas's meal programs. 

Together with our partner Caritas Muenchen, Cantabile will attempt to instill hope, friendship, music, and most importantly health, back into our local community of Munich.

The St. Anton Meal Plan was founded in December of 2020 by Caritas Muenchen - during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, they have been feeding the under-privileged and providing social venues for them as well.


Although the program is relatively new to St Anton, similar programs run by Caritas with other partnering churches have both physically and psychologically rehabilitated thousands of people. 

Together with Caritas Muenchen, Cantabile will continue to provide meaningful music to our Outreach audiences, with the hope that it will help in their healing process. 

Caritas Muenchen / Cantabile 

Willibald Strobel-Wintergerst

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