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Violinist/Musician Heon Woo Kim has been actively involved in the classical music industry for almost 3 decades.


Having experienced the industry from many dimensions, Heon decided to create a unique space for musicians and the community of Munich during the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2021.

Creating new ways to build bridges between cultures is something important for Heon, and the team behind the EMF is constantly developing new ways to protect and diversify our industry, so that our future generations can benefit from classical music through the EMF, under a variety of cultural settings.


Having experienced poverty personally, Heon decided to develop a program with Caritas Muenchen, where the homeless & the under privileged receive free access to all of EMF's Masterclass components. More specifically, Heon works closely with the EMF Masterclass students, by curating recitals for the underprivileged members of our community partaking in Caritas's meal programs.

Martin is a world renowned Violin Maker and Restorer. He is currently the workshop leader of the Erben Geigenbau, and has maintained and restored instruments of the violin family for more than 2 decades. All in all, he has a sound idea of the music industry.


Martin's goal is to create a platform where music can bring people from all cultures and backgrounds to Munich. He believes that music should be available for everyone, and through the EMF he plans to rebuild bridges amongst people and communities.  

Our goal is to serve people through music, and therefore we ask you to join us in this important initiative to re-build, to re-connect and to re-start with EMF!

EMF Founder & EX. Director : Heon Kim

EMF Head Luthier & Hon. Director :  Martin Erben

Heon  Kim
Martin Erben

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