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The Kendall National Violin Competition is one of Australia's premier violin contests. Boasting a rich history built on musical and moral values that cater to the development of local students - the KNVC has been a culturally supported organisation in Australia for more than 2 decades. 

Artistically led by Dr. Prof. Goetz Richter, the KNVC serves not only as a place of competition, but as a place of artistic growth and meaningful exposure to those that are accepted into the public rounds. Similar to the motives explored by the KNVC, the EMF is also striving to be a place of support and guidance for the students that are committed in the service of music and music performance.

The KNVC is the culmination of the classical music scene in Australia, and it captures the spirit, essence, and the desire for violin performance and classical music in the Asia-Pacific region.


From the start of the '22 season, the two organisations will collaborate through a fellowship program, where the EMF showcases the winner of the senior category of the KNVC through a violin recital in Munich, paired with a complimentary violin course - which includes a private residence.

The EMF wishes all contestants at the KNVC the best of luck!

*The 22/23 winner will be announced in accordance with the KNVC schedule.

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