Connecting Artists
with Artisans!

Lecture Nights was designed to connect Artists with Artisans. Artisans are mistaken to be the silent servants of our industry. They make instruments to serve Artists, but they don't receive the recognition that they truly deserve.


Old masters like Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri still receive accolades to this day, but we must not forget that we have outstanding builders today, that are capable of making instruments that can enrich and fill the modern day concert hall without too many compromises.


Therefore, the Head Luthier / Director, Martin Erben and the Founder, Heon Kim, decided to provide lectures to the participants of the EMF Masterclasses - lectures that will help raise awareness of this historic artform, with the desire to bring the two disciplines closer together. 


Here at the EMF we want to do everything within our reach to help our students understand the artform that serves them, by inviting knowledgeable Artisans from all over the world!



Martin Erben

Head Luthier / Director of EMF

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Christophe Collinet

Head Bowmaker / Advisor


Daniel Schmidt

Former President of the German

Violin / Bowmaking Society


Marcel Richters

Expert / Dealer / EMF Board Member


Julia Maria Pasch

Violin Maker / Pasch Violins Vienna