• The EMF Masterclasses are open to applicants of all ages. 

  • The places are limited, therefore we encourage applicants to secure their spots via the online application form.

  • Applicants will receive three '45' minute lessons, and will be required to play in the closing concert. 

  • Please check IMPORTANT COURSE INFO  for further course information. The number of lessons differ between Professors. 

  • Closing concerts will be held in front of the public at St. Anton's Cathedral (Kapuzinerstrasse. 36).

  • The cost of accommodation is included in the Administration Fee. 

  • In each masterclass a special guest (violin/bow maker) will present a lecture. All applicants are required to attend. (free for applicants)

  • Applicants are required to attend Strings Consultations presented by Pirastro GmbH during each masterclass. Timetables will be sent to you after the application deadline. (free for applicants)

  • Applicants are required to attend Instrument Consultations presented by an invited restorer/maker. Timetables will be sent to you after the application deadline. (free for applicants)

  • Applicants must bring the piano scores for the EMF Collaborative Pianist.

  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 

  • Applicants are required to arrange their arrival and departure times with their host families. 

  • Applicants will receive the contact details of their host families once their applications have been processed. 

  • Practicing can be done at your residence, but we expect the applicants to coordinate their practicing schedule with their respective host families.

  • Professors reserve the right to ask for a 'short' YouTube video. The video link must be sent to


  • The EMF has the complete ownership and rights to all photos, videos, and any other media content taken during the course.

  • A Participation Diploma will be distributed at the Closing Concerts. 

  • Cancellations are accepted, and a refund of the 'Course fee' plus the 'Administration Fee' will be returned to the applicant.

  • Cancellations made within 3 weeks of the starting date of the course, will incur an 'Administration fee' charge.

  • Masterclasses with Special Guests entail different regulations, they will be relayed to you in an email after the application deadline.

  • The EMF reserves the right to withhold prizes if suitable recipients cannot be found. 

  • Sponsors will be present during the Masterclasses. They are our 'VIP' guests, and Musicians are required to liaise with them when necessary.

  • Recordings or Photography cannot be taken without the permission of the EMF staff.

Course Fee

Administration Fee € 150 

Course Fee € 600

Special Guest Course Fee : € 700