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The Schumann Quartett of Germany has graced both important and historic concert halls of the world since 2007. Since its inception, they have built a meticulous reputation, for music making of the highest order. They have collaborated with renowned musicians and orchestras, and they are now a part of the Erben Music Festival Masterclasses in the form of a String Quartet Residency - designed to nurture young String Quartets embarking on a career in Chamber Music. 

The selected groups will be mentored by the Schumann Quartett for a period of 15 months in Munich at the EMF Masterclass Head Quarters. Both lessons and performances will be arranged, and the selected groups will be mentored by all members of the Schumann Quartett. 

Applications will be accepted based on a pre-selection round, consisting of video representation. A maximum of two quartets will be chosen, and a time-line of their lessons and performances will be sent by January 15th 2023. The EMF will document the course through various digital mediums, and the selected groups will take away with them a complete documentation of their journey with the Schumann Quartett.

Please email us 'here' for expressions of interest, with the title : EMF Schumann Quartett Residency.

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