From the inception of the Erben Music Festival, Tectus has been a crucial part of our existence. Having a detailed understanding of the insurance market, and its costly up-keep, Tectus has decided to partner with the EMF to provide Insurance Sponsorships for selected students of the EMF Masterclasses. Also, they insure our Masterclass series & the Chamber Music Festival completely. 

Instruments embody so many different elements. In a way, they are a 'means to an end'; simply a tool to play music. But from another viewpoint, they hold so much personal value that the whole industry has decided to resurrect the idea of it being just a tool. 

Together with the EMF, Tectus will provide instrument scholarships and consultation services for our students, with the goal of helping them protect their priceless assets according to the current market. 

EMF Tectus Award

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Rupert Roth - EMF / Tectus Insurance Broker


Dorottya Standi